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    • ESL Academic Tutorial K-12
      • Kinder 1 & 2, Grade 1 – Grade 12
        Who may enroll?
      • one-on-one
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  • Students have different learning styles. Discovering their learning modes can help make significant influence on their behavior, levels of comprehension, motivation and metacognition.


    In ESL, we teach not by lecturing, instead teaching is done to encourage students’ independence – one aspect that is not fully emphasized at some of the big schools. Our experienced tutors belong to row of campus’ top achievers.


    ESL offers its ESL K-12 (Kinder to Grade 12) Academic Tutorial Class as extra assistance to students who require very effective strategies for academic mastery. Subjects taught at ESL include, but not limited to, the following, – English, Math, Filipino, Science, Music, Health, P.E, History, Araling Panlipunan (AP), Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (EPP) and Values Education.


    A principle of repetition continued to be traceably effective in learning, and tutoring has been a key to aiding a child’s cognitive retention. Reviewing lessons is regarded to be the most boring part by the learners. For this, we modify our lesson plan to keep child’s interest uninterrupted the entire session, doing it in a fun way. Apart from teaching them time management during their class, we aim to promote students’ confidence and independence in accomplishing school quizzes, examinations, homework and competitions.  We put effort on furnishing quality worksheets for an effective review and mastery of our students who are coming from various schools in Bulacan.

    • Instant Reader Program: Read in 20 days!
      Believe it or not, your child can READ in just 20 DAYS, or your MONEY-BACK!
      • 14+
      • one-on-one
  • Instant Reader is a revolutionary program developed in 10 years of study and experience on its main branch at UPLB. It has recorded an amazing 99% success rate and it’s the only reading program that guarantees your child to read in just 20 days, or your money-back. (www.readin20days.com)


    The entire Instant Reader Program has a total of sixty (60) lessons categorized into three 20-day levels, Namely Basic, Advanced, & Mastery.

      • BASIC LEVEL (20days) – By the end of this level, the child will be able to correctly read almost any simple three to five letter words as well as simple sentences, with the exception of words with silent sounds such as “light” which cannot be simply handled by phonics.
      • ADVANCED LEVEL (20days) – introduces the child to complex words (silent letters, sound clusters, etc) and trains him to read and understand paragraphs and/or short and simple stories. It tackles sentence and paragraph reading to improve reading fluency and reading comprehension.
      • MASTERY LEVEL (20days) – This level focuses on Enhanced Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension to further develop the skills of students with advanced reading abilities. Exercises and drills emphasize intensive vocabulary building and reading comprehension through situational stories, poems, conversations, dialogues.
    • Math Tutorial (Singaporean, Advanced, Math Shortcuts)
      We make MATH easy as 1, 2, and 3!
  • ESL offers internationally used math methods that are definitely fun, enjoyable and effective at the same time

    • Singaporean Math

    Who may enroll: Kids age 3.5 to Grade 3

    Class: one-on-one

    • Advanced Math (Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus)

    Who may enroll: Grade 5 to College

    Class: one-on-one

    • Vedic Math (Speed Math, Mental Math & Math shortcuts)

    Who may enroll: Grade 4 to Grade 10

    Class: one-on-one


    What is Singaporean Math? It’s a math teaching method comprised of well-structured questions that provide pupils with opportunities of enhancing their conceptual understanding through the use of the CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approach as they think, act and solve simultaneously.


    What is Advanced Math? It’s the systematic way of developing a strong basic foundation among individuals taking math majors or those encountering challenges with their secondary or tertiary math lessons. This program’s goal is to accompany students in their search for an easier route in acquiring the speed that they need in performing mathematical operations.


    What is Math Shortcuts? It presented the idea of solving math equations without using calculators, pens or papers! It’s time to solve math in a different way; by using the ESL Math Shortcuts incorporated with a list of mental math calculations techniques from Vedic Math, solving can surely be easy and fun!