How to Keep Kids' Creative Juices Flowing

November 26, 2018

Little kids are masters of the moment; unlike older kids and adults, they are not self-conscious about what they are doing nor focused on producing any specific output. Allowing kids to enjoy the process of creation can reap big rewards, seeing as art can contribute to the mental and socio-emotional development of children.

Here are a few tips in fostering a conducive environment for children's expression of creativity:
1. Prepare for a mess!
2. Talk to them about what they are doing - it helps build vocabulary as well.
3. Encourage them by asking them questions about what they made, such as "What did you make?" and "Did you have fun making it?"
4. Don't draw or do art with your children; it might frustrate them when they compare their output with yours.
5. Accept the finished product for what it is; when a child says "I'm finished," avoid suggesting additions or changes, as it invalidates their efforts. It's important to make them feel like their creations are enough.


Brainy Babies and Smart Kids Instructors guide our students when necessary
For the most part, our ESLians have a knack for art all on their own
Independent practice makes children feel even more proud of their work!
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