ESL Christmas in Candyland 2017

December 29, 2017

Brace yourselves for a snowfall of numerous charming ESLians in one of ESL’s sweetest and most colorful events of the year!

Our Brainy Babies, Smart Kids, Ballerinas, and Top Students have shown their wit and confidence in their special performances. Exchange gifts, games and prizes were also enjoyed! At its core, our theme for this Christmas is all about making sweet friendships and colorful memories – two things that our dear
ESLians are sure to cherish way beyond their early formative years!

Thanks for providing our prizes!
CB by Ranch 90’s Diner, Project Beauty Salon & Skin Care, Thai Odyssey Baliuag Bulacan, Team BRO DIY Duathlon Series, Louie’s Bike Shop, Bellus International, Mum & Harmony: Wooden Toys and Baby Goods, Preparing Ahead

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