ESL Business Solutions

  • Do you need to refurbish your business game plans and marketing strategies on the most cost-efficient way? Do you want to augment your business name, products and services among your clientele?

    The fast-rising ESL Training Center introduces you its ESL Business Solutions, for we are not just a group of passionate educators, we are but copywriters extraordinaire! Here comes your one-stop-shop for your business development and digital marketing needs. From your article and blog posts to rebranding up until your social media management and innovation, we’ve got you covered!

    Social Media Marketing & Promotion

    Likes? Trends? Follows? How much of those do you have?

    Netizens—they are the ones who badly need to feel your online presence for your business’ benefit. Startups and companies’ use of social media platforms is now considered the most effective marketing strategy which can be of very big help for propelling your businesses to greater heights!

    Establishing a good impression on social media is extra critical and it’s not an easy chore. One lapse in etiquette could instantly spurn your visitor even your most loyal followers. Don’t fall on the trap, call the experts!


    We analyze, conceptualize and strategize; from your marketing and business plans to setting up your Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts, promoting and interacting with customers, to optimizing your visual appeal, we’ll give you a hand until your products launch a viral success!

  • Copywriting

    Words sell. The question is, are yours powerful enough?

    If you are at loss for words and you don’t know how you are going to put your products and services in the limelight, a thesaurus is not what you need, but the right partner!


    ESL Business Solutions provides comprehensive and dynamic write ups that speak to your target audience. We write blog posts, complete web content, social media posts and landing pages. We ensure the quality of our write ups by using appropriate article construction, terminology, tone and mechanics.

  • Website Development

    If you don't have a website, you're losing business to other companies that do.

    Your website is your store in the digital world, open 24 hours – do your visitors enjoy their visit?

    Conceptualizing and producing your website can be as fun and exciting as unwrapping your gifts on your birthday. However, does your business give the right impression? Developing a website can be easy, but increasing the rate of your potential customers without wasting your precious time costs a leg and an arm. Let ESL Business Solutions do the job for you!

    ESL helps you create a strong and professional online image through our one-of-a-kind web design and internet branding scheme. We implement unique strategies to increase your online exposure and maximize your web traffic.


    • Quality customized web designs, domain registrations, hosting and email
    • Social media page designs
    • Professional branded color schemes
    • Custom designed logo and tagline creations
    • Memorable business cards designs
  • Internet Branding

    Be recognized, desired and remembered!

    A successfully implemented branding leads to rapid growth of customers founded upon trust and confidence, thus resulting to higher sales. ESL Business Solutions will assist you in strategic branding by keeping track of your progress over time, while implementing unique strategies for increased online exposure and web traffic.


    Note that your brand is a reflection of your business. Stand out from the pool of competitors and achieve maximum recognition through ESL’s internet branding, multimedia and graphic design services.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    93% of business purchase decisions start with an internet search. Be on the first page!

    When something sparks our curiosity, we hit the search engine right away and our friends at Google, Bing, and Yahoo surely have answers to offer.


    Most businesses flop because of their failure to provide ample publicity, revenue and exposure. ESL Business Solutions allow you to conquer the digital world though search-engine friendly websites. We make your products and services appear to people through their search engine searches.

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