English Proficiency Courses & IELTS Review

    • ESL Speaking Class
      Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Courses
      • Kids, pre-teens, teens, adults, professionals
        Who may enroll?
      • one-on-one, group class of 5, group class of 6
        Class Size
  • Hone your oral English skills through learning the application of practical English in your daily conversations and real-life experiences. Learn how to speak the language with confidence as you deal with various social and business situations.  Broaden and sharpen your vocabulary knowledge, improve your clarity, correct your diction and English pronunciation.

    Find out more about our very own speaking program by visiting our center and know your English Level through our FREE ESL Assessment Test.

    • ESL Online Classes & Phone Classes
      Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese and Korean students and professionals
      • 14+
      • one-on-one
  • Can’t find the perfect day and time to study English? Do you want to learn English in the comfort of your home? Are you overseas and need an English speaking buddy for your professional English needs?


    ESL has been providing speaking programs that are perfect for busy students and professionals here and abroad. Expose yourself to English Speaking opportunities through ESL’s long-distant online conversation classes via phone and Skype. Learn new and useful vocabulary words, grammar techniques and conversation strategies for 40 – 60 minutes every day.


    International ESL Resources used in our class includes the following:

    Business Correspondence, Business One on One, Business Vision, Conversation Strategies, EIKEN, English for Meetings, Global Links, Grammar in Use, Intelligent Business, Interchange, Let’s Go Series, Market Leader, Oxford Vision, Person to Person, SidebySide, TOEFL, TOEIC and Telephoning Skills.

    • IELTS Review
      Students, industrial worker, medical professionals, OFW applicants
      • one-on-one, group of five (5)
  • “I speak English….I understand the language even! Why do I have to spend time and money taking the review?”

    IELTS isn’t about speaking only. There are different subtests to complete the test. These are Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

    Obtaining an aimed band score in IELTS is not a fast track. ESL has its own way of preparing the candidate to take the test with confidence. The module is tailor fit to the takers’ individual needs.  

    Are you comfortable in comprehending the British and American accents but not in understanding difficult passages from magazines books and newspapers? Or vice versa? We revise the curriculum for you!

    Do you have brilliant ideas about familiar and unfamiliar things but don’t know how to put them into spoken and written language? We teach you the secret!

    “I would like to take IELTS but I think it is impossible for me as I know few about English language.”

    IELTS is for any one. If you think your level is Low Beginner, we have a perfect module for you that would advance you to the next levels making you prepared to sit the test.

    NOW, is the perfect time to start! “Opportunities” come along anytime. Grabbing those without due preparation could be anguishing.

    ESL uses materials directly used by the British Council and the IDP. Our students who took and passed the IELTS testify the unique and effective approach of ESL’s instructor. We are trained and experienced in identifying the students’ English strengths and needs, thus making it easy for us to target and focus directly on the specific area to help our students achieve their target band.

    Be prepared! Seek help! Visit ESL!

    • English Communication Skills Training (Levels 1 to 3)
      Corporate English (Business English, Public Speaking)
      Students age 6 and up, teens, adults & professionals
      • 6 to 10
        Class size
  • Acquiring a new language may look hard and tricky, but with classes at ESL Learning Center, you will surely have fun while learning! We are proud to introduce our ALL-NEW ESL CLASSES with innovative, interactive, fun and dynamic approach.

    • The class will be every Saturday, 3 hours for 3 months starting January.
    • Our ALL-NEW ESL Classes are now being taught together with a native speaker, which will give students a more authentic experience. – Coach Jason is an American national with a degree in English Literature and is a TEFL Certified Instructor. He has worked as a Head Instructor and has six (6) years of ESL teaching experience in countries such as China, Thailand and Korea. He coaches students to ace TOEFL and IELTS examinations.
    • Get comfortable speaking English as a second language to communicate with foreign nationals more effectively, whether you are on vacation or on business overseas.
    • Develop your communication skills to express yourself in English confidently and easily.
    • Be confident in your English communication skills for your job interview and provide the perfect additional qualification for your curriculum vitae or resume. The graduates with satisfatory marks will receive an ESL Certificate upon completion of the course.
    • Our Corporate courses and Public Speaking classes will help you hold better meetings and present more professionally.
    • Get to have new friends in your class while learning.