• ESL stands for “English as a Second Language”, as English is considered as the world’s lingua franca, a common language and a main prerequisite in the field of education, business and many other major industries so as for individuals to cope up with this fast-paced world of baffling situations and perplexing transactions. The said vitality of the language led ESL Center to becoming more than dedicated in bringing you into a world of knowledge, commerce and culture with English as its central and fundamental medium.

  • ESL Learning Center offers programs for students of all ages. Beginning on early years, age 1 year and 8 months old, toddlers attend ESL Language Development class which uses a combination of progressive preschool and Montessori approach. With the aims of recognizing and enhancing a child’s multiple intelligences; our center provides the necessary scheme of services that help yearlings experiencing developmental delays and disabilities or the so-called early intervention.

    Aside from early childhood programs, we have this “ReadRIGHT Instant Reader Program”. This is a remedial reading program formulated and tested by a University of the Philippines professor, Teacher Veronica ‘Vicki’ Q. Arioder, for more than a decade now. It accompanies us in our goal of effectively developing or improving children’s reading skills as early as three years of age, which makes it possible for ESL to produce very young readers.

  • A multidimensional development approach is what ESL wants among its students, and so for this, our center includes fitness and self-defense classes involving dance and Taekwondo. Painting and drawing courses also play parts in ESL’s visionary of uprising well-rounded individuals. To top it all would of course be the academic subjects mastery and tutorial, English proficiency classes, IELTS Review and other language tests preparation such as TESOL, TOEFL, TOEIC, and OPIC that our center caters.

    The institution’s constructive pedagogy, passionate educators, holistic methodology and revolutionary programs are the reasons why we persistently guarantee the highest quality of services to students of all ages and literacy levels. We take pride and glory from our center’s capability of transforming and empowering the students’ learning experience to reach their full potentials. Learn the what-we-call “English Speaking attitude” at ESL, it’s all about finally having the freedom to speak in English as we, hand-in-hand, develop your English conversing skills which will serve as your key towards the gateway to the globalized world.

  • History

  • ESL (English as a Second Language) Center started in 2011 as an international language school catering Japanese, Chinese and Korean students and professionals. With the aim of helping all those who are in need to learn English, the latter unceasingly predominated various parts of the globe. Until 2014, the very first local site was opened in the municipality of Baliwag in Bulacan.

    The once a small center, which before only offers academic tutorial services, early childhood classes and English speaking programs, thrived through word of mouth recommendations, achieved 350% enrollment growth in a span of one year and  is, at current times, continually extending the lengths and heights of its overhaul! In addition to these, the center also serves as the second-home to students of levels Kinder 1 up to Grade 12 coming from different schools all over Bulacan and other neighboring towns – Plaridel, Bustos, Pulilan, Malolos and Pampangga, for the after-school tutorial needs. Lessons for enrichment of students’ skills in oral reading, written linguistic message comprehension, proper strokes of writing and Math, be it Algebra, Advanced Math or Singaporean Math, are all now proudly offered too.

  • Also, students are taught of strategies to ace on their oral and written examinations, preparatory school works and campus competitions such as quiz bees and declamation competitions. The ESL Instructors utilize some of the most advanced programs available to efficiently support students, even those who are observed and in some cases, diagnosed with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, reading illiteracy and speech delay. Part of these, ESL boasts the rights it was granted with to adopt and perform the Instant Reader course, a reading program with 99% success rate that guarantees to make a child read in just 20 days or your money-back.

    ESL has at the same time foreseen the need to hone and sharpen kids’ natural endowments and so it included art and oil painting lessons, dance workshops, hip-hop and modern dance class, guitar and music class, ballet class, and Taekwondo in its gamut.

  • Lastly, adults & professionals with plans of working abroad are now flocking the center for Intensive IELTS or the International English Language Testing Sytem review, ESL Certification, TESOL and TOEFL assessment preparation. ESL Training and Tutorial Center, now being discerned as the ESL Learning Center, remains unaltered in its growth and progression with the firm belief that learning must always be at its highest quality.