• We have a range of different classes and activities for your kid

  • International Language Curriculum

    100% English-Speaking

    ESL’s international language curriculum introduces thousands of English words and phrases to help your toddler’s speech, language development and communication. Witness a remarkable language explosion through ESL Kids program.

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    • Comprehensive reporting
    • Children work independently
    • Education Field Trips
    • Focus on Multiple Intelligence
    • Small-class settings
    • Emphasis on Learning
  • Age Appropriate Lessons

    “Play is the highest form of research.” ~ Albert Einstein

    ESL Preschool or Kindergarten class provides developmentally and age-appropriate program where children, teachers and parents work, play, learn, grow, explore and discover together. ESL strives to provide a nurturing, safe and loving environment that promotes learning through meaningful, purposeful, and fun-enriched play experiences for your child.

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  • English Proficiency Courses & IELTS Review?

  • Art, Music & Movement

    Our goal is to encourage all children to love learning.  We teach children by combining learning opportunities with play, the outdoors, music, sports and arts.

    Ballet and Taekwondo together with many other gross motor activities provide opportunities to explore your child’s concentration, discipline and self-discovery.

    Experience unforgettable milestones in ESL’s performing arts. Our program includes opportunities for your child to show his/her

  • Singapore Math

    ESL uses Singapore Math, the world’s leading Math curriculum. Mathematical concepts are presented with the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to help your child develop a firm foundation and a positive attitude to Mathematics. With this, pre-schoolers will be fully prepare for primary school. Math-smart kids–that’s what you will have!

  • Your kid can read as early as three years old.

  • Moral & Values

    It is at the heart of our mission to offer an early childhood program that addresses not only the whole child developmental and academic needs, but also their spiritual needs. We promote cooperative, pro-social behavior in sharing, getting along with others, resolving conflicts, recognizing emotions, handling emotions, helping others and interacting appropriately- to name just a few. We believe that bright beginnings is essential for a successful future. Christian values of love and respect are important in the foundation of your child’s education.
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  • Testimonials

    • ESL has the passionate educators and accommodating staff. My child felt secured and loved. Do your best to have another branch to accommodate more kids!

      Lynne Buenaflor
      Smart Kid parent
    • I have never seen any other language learning school like ESL Baliwag. Besides making sure my kids learn, they truly and genuinely care about them. They hire highly skilled licensed ESL teachers and the curriculum is tailor fit for my 2 year old and 8 year old. I highly recommend ESL Baliwag to all parents who want to jumpstart those confidence, talents and intelligence in their children. We know these all start from home, but if you want to further take it into the next level, go for ESL Baliwag. They sure know how to do it and they do it well. Thank you Teachers Nice, Ana, Ivee, Sarah, Kyle, Mizrael, Aileen, as well as Teachers Jobelle, Dindin, and Jane.

      Marge Aviso
    • Teachers are really hands-on and teaching seems to be of personal approach. Each student is unique but I can say that teachers at ESL can cater to all the needs of each unique student.

      Jaimie Alfonso
      Brainy Baby parent
    • ESL is the best learning center I’ve known here in Baliuag and English speaking policy here is strictly implemented.

      Veronica Bañez
      Brainy Baby parent
    • I enrolled my son and I have a feeling that my son is happy and he is learning.

      Carmelita Dacquel
    • ESL is an expert in handling students.

      Lourdes Alapar
      Brainy Baby parent
    • Studying at ESL is a good start to help develop your child before going to big schools.

      Dr. Unice Cabreros-Labao
      Brainy Baby parent
    • ESL knows their business.

      Myra dela Cruz
      Top Student parent
    • ESL is a very nice school and the teachers are all friendly.

      Armie Sarabia
      Brainy Baby parent
    • My daughter really learned how to speak in English confidently. She really enjoyed the activities and lessons, and the teachers are all good and kind.

      Catherine Sanchez
      Smart Kid parent
    • I would highly recommend this school to a friend.

      Ann Marjorie Ng
      Brainy Baby parent
    • ESL is awesome!

      Winona Mendoza
      Top Student grandparent
    • ESL is very good in teaching all students, and helps them improve. I’m really satisfied with this school.

      Jacqueline Mammad
      Smart Kid parent
    • It is one of the best among the pre-schools in Baliuag.

      Michelle Varilla
      Smart Kid parent
    • ESL is child-friendly.

      Nerlie Gonzales
      Brainy Baby parent
    • Thank you Esl Baliwag for the many lessons and happy memories.

      Dr. Jana Manuel
    • Thank you Esl Baliwag! Thank you for the love, especially for nurturing our kids.

      Lyzel Lee
    • The teachers are so loving and treat the kids as their own. They establish sisterly/motherly image to our kids. Thank you so much!

      Arlene Punzalan
      Brainy Baby parent
    • ESL is a very friendly school.

      Baby Baby parent
    • It is a school that values your money and focuses on your child’s development.

      Smart Kid parent
    • ESL is a very nice school or one of the perfect learning centers to have in preparation of your child’s education.

      Brainy Baby parent
    • ESL is a good school especially for toddlers.

      Brainy Baby parent
    • ESL’s advanced program/curriculum makes an excellent child.

      Smart Kid parent
    • The staff is very accommodating and the curriculum is very good.

      Smart Kid parent
    • ESL is a great foundation of learning for kids.

      Brainy Baby Parent
    • This school is what we can call the training ground for our child to know how to deal with other people, to socialize and to develop self-confidence.

      Smart Kid Parent
    • ESL teachers helped my child improve his social and academic skills and they are very passionate in teaching.

      Smart Kid parent