ESL Toddlers Program

    • Brainy Babies
      • 1 to 3 year old
      • 4 Toddlers
        Class Size
    • Smart Kids
      • 3 to 5 year old
      • 6 Students

    • English Language, Communication & Literacy

      This area of early childhood development focuses on encouragement of children to speak English while being given activities involving observing, listening, singing, role-playing and vocabulary building that vary depending on the different ESL daily themes, which by then is based on our own English Speaking curriculum. As a result, children are expected to be able to express and communicate themselves well in English.

    • Singapore Math

      Here, kids learn about more abstract math lessons through hands-on techniques using concrete materials and the Singapore Math method so as to make them have acquisition of skills in counting, measuring, sorting, noticing patterns and adding.

    • Reading

      ESL’s Smart Kids are introduced to activities that involve development of reading skills through stimulation of their sensation for excitement production and better perception. The class involves auditory, visual and even tactile elements as it applies the fastest and most effective way of making tots learn how to read using the Instant Reader Program.

    • Writing Skills

      Children after developing their dexterity skills are now given more tracing activities for the later encouragement of them to writing independently.

    • Gross Motor or Physical Education

      Development of self-discipline and kinetic awareness is the mere objective in this area wherein kids attend Ballet or Taekwondo classes as their physical development activities for the formation of stronger muscles, balance, focus, coordination and proprioception in kids.

    • Practical Life skills, Montessori Method, Self-help

      Getting kids to do “real work” to help with chores, learn responsibility and to become all-round more thoughtful kids. “Teach teaching, not correcting” (Montessori). Development of the child’s intellect and concentration allow the child to perform daily life activities while gaining independence.

    • Social & Emotional

      Friendship skills, development of empathy, emotional literacy, impulse control, and problem solving. ESL’s Smart Kids preschool class provides opportunity to prepare a child to be self-confident, trusting, empathic, intellectually inquisitive, competent in using language to communicate, and capable of relating well to others.

    • Early Intervention

      Child development research shows that the rate of human learning and development is most rapid in the early years. Daily observation and quarterly assessment will be conducted by ESL Teachers to help observe and identify early warning signs in children and recommend early intervention.